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                            Sample Chapter from:                       Outer Dominion Saga, Vol III, Judgment of the Gods



Chapter 2
The Crown

Sonja paced the room. Her long strides quickly took her from one side of the room to the other. She was tall for a woman, which made her good looks even more striking. Her long red hair was smooth and shiny. Her pale blue eyes were outlined by a dark black liner and made them appear larger than what they were, her lips plump and inviting. On her womanly curves she wore tight clothes. She didn’t feel herself if she didn’t dress to impress, even if no one but the minions saw her. She also usually didn’t get nervous or excited - but today was different. Today she would see her new king.
She had seen her king when she had entered the dreams of a young woman named Mila, but now she could not wait to truly meet him and her heart skipped several beats thinking about it.
 The last time she had seen him was over two hours ago when he came from one of the minion’s sacks. He had been drenched in the fluid that protected him until he was ready.
The minion’s sack was waiting for the soul of Leo to enter it. The thing that was inside was waiting to be formed by the new king. It was a blank slate, waiting for a soul to form it. Surrounding this blank slate was liquid. It was close to the amniotic fluid inside a woman’s womb during pregnancy. This fluid helped to sustain the form until the soul entered it.
 The minion that gave up his rebirth for Leo had been her favorite. This saddened her. This was that very minion’s sack. When a minion died their soul would go to the form waiting, to their assigned sack, but the queen had needed a sacrifice for her new king. She had needed to give up the only minion that she could trust.
 She had hated doing this, but she had to. The minion had been more than willing to do this for her. And even though she would miss this minion the new king would surely be rewards for her lose. The new king would replace her favorite minion and then some. This is what she desired, what she hoped.
Now the queen was getting impatient.
She had waited long enough.
 She heard footsteps from the hallway and hoped it was her new king. She stood waiting for who ever it was to enter the room. A minion stepped inside and disappointment rose in her but she wasn’t disappointed for long.
 “He is ready for you my queen,” he bowed as Leo walked into the doorway.
 “Come forward,” the queen said as her heart beat erratically in her chest.
 The man who stood before her was a handsome young man. His shoulder length blond hair made his dark blue eyes more stunning. He was a tall and athletic and his tan skin appeared smooth. She fought the urge to caress it.
Leo did as she asked and stared straight ahead as she walked around him. He could feel her eyes tracing his whole body. He felt them as if they burned through his skin. He never felt more vulnerable than he did at that moment. When she was behind him he rolled his eyes in disgust but stood steadfast. He would not let this woman intimidate him or let her know how he felt.
 He was glad he had taken that bath which had restored him to almost normal strength. He was also happy that he didn’t have to face this woman when he had been that weak. He felt that she would most likely take advantage of him and was surprised that she hadn’t used this to her advantage somehow.
 She walked within feet of him and he couldn’t help but notice how attractive she was. Her long amber hair lay at her waist. She wore tight black leather pants and a corset. The top of which was open slightly to reveal her ample breasts. He pulled his eyes away from her beautifully shaped body to her eyes. They were a mesmerizing color of blue. They were almost clear, as light of blue as he had ever seen before. Around the edges was a thin line of dark blue, which enhanced them even further.
 “You certainly are a fine looking young man.” Sonja stood before him now looking him directly in the eyes. She stood at least six paces tall, about a pace taller than Mila.
 “Thank you,” he couldn’t think of anything else to say. His mind was suddenly blank.
 “My name is Sonja, but you will call me Queen. That is until you are crowned king yourself.”
 “Crowned king? I thought I was destined to be the King of the Outer Dominion. I am here and I am not king?” he asked confused.
 “There is only one more thing you must do to become my king,” she said with a voice that was almost musical.
 “What is that?”
 She stood for a few seconds looking at him. She stood there so long that he didn’t think she was going to answer him and he opened his mouth to ask her again when she did finally reply.
 “One simple thing really.”
 She turned and walked to the thrones, which were about ten feet from him. She picked something up and walked back to stand in front of him again. In her hands was a crown. It was similar to the one she wore only larger, made for a male head.
 “You need only put your crown on.”
 She raised the crown in both her hands as she bowed before him.
Leo looked at the two minions in the room with a twisted face. He knew already that this was unusual for this woman. The minion’s in the room looked nervous as they shuffled their feet, which indicated that he was indeed correct. He knew it was not normal for her to be in a submissive position.
He wondered why? Why was she acting in this manner? The only conclusion he came to was that he had to willingly place the crown on his head.
That meant he had a choice in the matter.
 He didn’t have to wear this crown? A smile escaped his lips. He quickly suppressed it though.
 “Nah. I think I will wait.”
 He stood up taller and waited for the explosion he knew was coming. This time he let the smile cross his lips fully as he watched the queen before him.
 “What?” she demanded as she stood up. “You will not wear your crown? Take your crown now.” She shook the jeweled object in her hands.
 He stayed starring straight ahead without flinching. He still wore the smile across his face. He couldn’t control himself.
 “You…” she cleared her throat. She hesitated and then began to spoke in a calmer manner. “You don’t want to wear this beautiful crown, my king?”
 His eyes then rested on hers and studied them. His smile slowly diminished and his hand slowly went to the crown and grasped it between his fingers as he took it from her. He pretended to study the jewels inlaid around its edges and held it in his right hand as he walked over to the throne that was the larger of the two and sat down. He sat back and crossed his legs, placing the crown on his lap.
 He could feel her glaring at him but stayed in this position, resisting the urge to move. The queen seemed to try to regain her composer again as she walked silently up the few stairs to her own chair beside him, and sat down as well.
 Leo found himself curious of the crown now, besides he wanted something to take his mind off of the beautiful and mad lady beside him. He began to study the crown as he held it up in his hands. The gems that glistened in the candlelight were larger than any precious stones he had ever seen before. The gold that held them on also sparkled as if highly polished. He had to admit it was a work of art.
 “Why won’t you wear your crown?” the queen finally spoke softly and interrupted his thoughts.
 He looked at her and noticed that she was pouting which almost brought another smile to his face. She was gorgeous which he couldn’t help but notice. He then became aware that because of her beauty and her title she probably was used to getting what she wanted.
 “I don’t feel like putting my crown on at the moment,” he said trying to sound nonchalant on the matter. “I want to learn more of The Outer Dominion before I make up my mind.”
 “You want to learn more, do you?”
 He turned to study the queen and saw what appeared to be a playful smile on her face.
 He only nodded slowly to answer her. He didn’t like that haunting smile that now spread across her lovely features.
 “Then it is decided. You will go with the minions on the hunt tomorrow night.” She sat back in her chair then as if she had accomplished a great feat and appeared quite satisfied with herself.
 “The hunt?” he asked confused.
He didn’t like that she now thought she had the upper hand.
 “Yes, my dearest. You will learn more out there than I could teach you.”
She pointed to the right.
He looked in that direction and saw a large window of which he only saw the inside of the cavern but he knew what she was referring to.
He didn’t like the idea of being out there with the minions.
 “Will you be going too?” he tried not to speak in a shaky tone but didn’t know if he had pulled it off.
 “Of course not. You must get to know the minions if you are to become the king.”
She stood up and slinked closer to one of the minions as she stroked his chest with her graceful left hand.
“I would only get in the way.”
Her eyes stayed locked on Leo’s as she walked around the minion.
 “I refuse.”
 Leo crossed his arms and sat back.
 “You cannot!” she snapped. “I order you to go with them. If you won’t then the minions will force you. I am the queen! It will be done.”
 She stood staring him down.
 Leo was stunned. He knew she was right. The minions were under her command and would force him if he refused her order.
He looked away from her in defeat.