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Outer Dominion Saga, III, Judgment of the Gods      

The fabric of the dimensions has been torn between the living realm and the underworld. A minion has stepped through and has begun to consume the world in chaos. If  he continues on his course all of the realms could be taken over and ruled by the ruthless Queen of the Outer Dominion.

Now in the underworld, Leo is being  forced to become King. Will he surrender and agree to rule with the beautiful and seductive Queen by his side? Will he be tempted by the power she offers? Or will he have the resolve to take control of his life and future? Will Leo discover his true course before the living world, and possibly the known universe, is changed forever?

This is the third and final book in a series of a young man, and the people and realms affected by his so called destiny. 


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     Outer Dominion Saga, II, The Sacrificed

After returning from The Outer Dominion, Leo thinks his life will be normal. His hopes soon vanish when his mind becomes twisted and tormented. This time it is something even more sinister dwelling inside of him. It is growing more dominant with each passing day and soon alters his mind and body.

The people that are entwined within his destiny realize they must act quickly. Some find they have to sacrifice themselves or the ones they love. Will these sacrifices be enough to change the course of Leo’s future? Or is it truly his fate to become the king of the outer dominion?

This is the second book in a series of a young man, and the people and realms affected by his destiny. None around him seem to understand the full meaning of his future as they make decisions that will shape the whole course of the universe.


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      Outer Dominion Saga, I, Destiny Calling

Kane's life has become perverted with betrayal and regrets. He doesn’t know whom to turn to for support. He finds himself uncertain who around him is being honest, and he is frightened that he is losing his own mind.

In order for him to find out who he is, he must follow his destiny to travel to the Outer Dominion, the mysterious place where departed souls are kept. It will be a daunting journey that he must take alone. However, this could set forth a destiny that might unravel the way of the universe. Is the risk worth taking?

This is the first book in a series that tells a tale of a young man and the people and realms affected by his destiny. The choices he and those around him make seem to spin out of control, as none fully understand the meaning of his future.


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